Shifting Plan

1. How to contact us

How to contact

The client contacts us by phone or through the website. The client may also provide comprehensive information via the website. Once the customer request is obtained our repersantative will contact the customer.

2. Request for Survey

Request for Survey

After the fixation survey, our representative will visit the customer and assess the goods for transport. He will provide the best deal for shifting. Once confirmed by a client, our representative will help plan and plan the move according to the client's requirements.

3. Packing


Our packaging team will communicate with you the day before and confirm the schedule for the day of the move and will reach the time. We have a formed packing team, which packages each item according to its needs. We use multilayer packaging to ensure the safety of the goods.

4. Transportation


After packing all items in the safest possible way and confirming the payment order. The packaging team will load the entire item and the shipment will be transported by the means and means previously intended.

5. Delivery


Our team will contact the client and confirm the timeline according to client needs or as discussed at the time of the survey.

6. Support

Customer Support

The customer may contact our support team in the event of a problem or to know the status of its shipment. Our support team will deal with the problem in a timely manner.

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